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Buyer Mistakes

  1. High pricing - One of the biggest buyer mistakes is simply paying to much for their lake property. Unfortunately, we hear of this happening way to often, which is keeping buyers from owning their dream homes as well as creating problems for buyers who decide to resale. We believe that it is up to us as your realtor to ensure this doesn't happen by advising you with integrity and the knowledge we have of the local market.
  2. Seasonal water - The next most common buyer mistake buying a home on Smith Lake that they thought to have year-round water. Most of the property on Smith Lake does have deep water year-round, however, there are certain areas that are beautiful, desirable locations but may only have seasonal water. These differences come down to location and pricing. As your realtors, we will ensure that when you purchase your lake property, you are aware of every detail you may not even know is important, such as water depth, so that you know exactly what you are buying.
  3. Surveying - We often see problems with property lines, also. This happens when buyers purchase lake property without a proper land survey. We *always *recommend that our buyers get a survey done so that there is no room for confusion on property lines. A survey is a small expense to pay in order to avoid a big problem from happening down the road.
  4. Inspections - Buyers sometimes want to take short cuts in order to save time and money. However, we believe a home inspection should always be done before a buyer continues with the purchase! After years of experience, we can tell you that you cannot know what you are getting without an inspection. Even on brand new homes an inspection should be done; as a professional, an inspector will always find things the buyer needs to be aware of. We *always *recommend our buyers have a home inspection done. Again, it is a small expense that can save you from making a big mistake. To avoid any of these common mistakes when buying here on Smith Lake give Greg and Dex Young a call and let them take all the guess-work out of the home buying experience!

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